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Cost savings are important to everybody and LED lights provide many areas in which to save you precious dollars.  Let’s talk about energy savings.  Due to the fact that watt for watt LED's run on an estimated 30% less power than HIDs, the savings on pricey electricity, especially on tiered plans, can be huge!

















Efficiency for Growers

Secondly, in the absence of all of the heat that HIDs produce, there is no need for extra inline fans, ducting, or AC units.  Just one HID light can require up to $500.00 extra dollars in setup cost!  These additional costs can be completely avoided using KIND LED lights.  Cost aside, another great benefit of this is that hot climates that would normally create struggles for HID growers can now become quite comfortable with LED, thus producing amazing results.  Small spaces that would become ovens with HID lights can now be used and filled with cool running LED lights and produce beautiful high yielding plants.




















Finally, the effective length of life for LED lights is about 50,000 hours, as compared to only 7,000-10,000 of an HID bulb.  This means that over time, much more money will be spent on HIDs, not to mention all of the burnt bulbs full of poisonous mercury which requires proper hazardous material (Hazmat) disposal.


LED is a friend to Mother Earth

LED grow lights have not only become the wave of the future for Cannabis and Hemp grow ops, but just might help save the future for our younger generations to enjoy.


Kind LED grow lights use roughly 40% percent less power than their HPS counterparts, and this is just in power consumption of the light! Take into account all the extra cooling devices needed for HPS or DE setups and the energy savings become massive. Imagine if the whole planet could instantly start saving 40% or more of it daily electrical needs! It would be touted as nothing short of a miracle, and LED Kind LED grow lights are a miracle indeed.


LED’s also contribute less to our earth’s landfills because of their long lifespan. With a 50,000 hour life span, Kind LED’s will outlast all forms of grow room lighting many times over and that means less HID bulbs in landfills. Sodium Bulbs are extremely inefficient and also posed a great danger when being disposed of. The sodium in these lamps is an extremely volatile substance and the sodium itself can have extreme reactions if exposed to air. There have been reported cases of HPS bulbs starting fires after they were disposed of in garbage cans. They also contain an extremely toxic metal, Mercury, and can be extremely harmful to the environment when disposed of in landfills.  Most growers improperly dispose of bulbs in this way in fear of facing the sigma that some will surely face if they bring their bulbs to the proper recycling centers. This causes a huge problem for landfills leaching toxic Mercury into our watersheds.











Another important consideration in choosing an LED grow light is the power of the diode chip set, or wattage.  Single watt LEDs are weak and do not have enough intensity to penetrate the canopy of the plant.  On the other end of the range, new 10 watt chip sets are unstable, and the heat generated from such a large diode can be difficult to manage.  Five watt chips, while stable, can also pose issues if they are not incorporated into the panel in the correct proportion.  For this reason, three watt diodes are considered the sweet spot.  They incorporate the perfect blend of intensity, durability, and low operating temperature that all LED lights need to succeed.  Three watt LED chips can also be driven at the most efficient power level of any sized chip, capable of running at around 80% power, with no detrimental degrading of the chip.  Kind LED K3 Series three watt LEDs run at 700ma and are thus the most efficient on the market.

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